The future looks bright for LED lights in photography

Imagine for a moment as a photographer that you could have lighting that was small, light weight, it was bright and yet ran cool to the touch. Then what if that light could be dimmed at will, and have adjustable color all the while not consuming very much battery life? Does this sound like it would be asking too much? If you think that something this good is a thing of science fiction you would be wrong, because using the power of LED lights you can have the future today.

One thing is for certain, LED lights are on the fast track to replacing virtually every other form of lighting imaginable and this spans from photography, flashlights, and small hand held devices to residential and commercial lighting. You can even find LED lights being used for airport runway lights.

The reason these bulbs are so remarkable is several fold. To begin with, they are highly durable and if you take into account the fact that standard light bulbs are only used half the day, a replacement bulb for a typical household lamp would more than likely last you longer then the life of the lamp.

Secondly it is highly efficient. A 40 watt incandescent bulb can be replaced with LED lights, producing the same amount of illumination, would only need 1.5 watts of power. This means a ridiculous amount of savings for your energy bill and the overall cost of the lights them selves is just a fraction of what standard bulbs cost over the long term.

Now you are seeing some brilliant, both figuratively and literally, lighting systems that are being produced. You are seeing some of these designs now being used in operating rooms and other important places. In photography there are many advancements being made that will change things dramatically. There are now post focus cameras and multiple exposure lenses that will lace the quality highs and lows of each together. Included in this is the incredible flash systems that are starting to be seen on standard cameras. Some of these include LED lights that can illuminate for 1/4000 of a second, giving you just the right amount of light for a flash, for an amount of time that is almost imperceptible.

LED lights are bulbs that are truly changing a wide variety of technology and in the realm of photography you are seeing constant changes. It seems that just a couple of decades ago you needed a decent amount of batteries, and a good size accessory. Now you can have ultra bright light that comes from incredibly small sources, such as your cell phone or compact cameras. The future is truly bright when you include LED lights.

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  1. ELTEC says:

    I am an amateur photographer and the article is really informative!

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