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Al Toro de Lidia outside the Plaza de Toros, Ronda, Andalucia, Spain

Digital Photography: Overcoming Your Manual Fears

So, you bought the best digital camera you could afford, with every intention of finally learning to take better photos. All those features sounded great while you were in the camera shop. Then you took one look at that inch-thick manual, full of technical terms and complex detail, and thought ‘Maybe I will stick with […]

Mt. Norman, South Pender Island, British Columbia

Digital Photography Tricks – Make The Most Of Your Digital SLR!

Few would argue that more people than ever can take pictures of real quality, as digital photography and the equipment available opens up opportunities for the keen amateur. Modern digital SLR cameras are boasting more and more megapixels and features, which can almost make photography seem too easy. However, there is functionality and easy to […]

Nature Photography: Five Tips For Great Beach Photos.

Nature Photography: Five Tips For Great Beach Photos.

Nature photographers, landscape photographers, wedding photographers, hobby photographers… who doesn’t love an excuse to take some photos at the beach? It is human nature to want to take photos of the places we are drawn to personally, so the beach is a great source of inspiration for photographers at all levels. Beach photography can be […]

Alcyone, 33rd Port Townsend Wooden Boat Festival

Black and White Photography Tips – Ways to Improve Your Pictures

Creating black and white images in the computer is fun and becoming a popular art form once again. Our new digital darkroom gives us huge control after shooting the image. This article provides some of the good basics for making these color to b&w conversions. By using these four black and white photography tips, you’ll […]

Top Tips for Digital Photography

A picture is worth a thousand words, sorry, I know that’s a clich├ęd way to start talking about photography but it’s really true. Taken properly, a good photo can stir the deepest of emotions and have a profound effect on the person viewing it. To that end it’s important to get it right. Anyone can […]

Top 10 Photography Tips

Top 10 Photography Tips

There are many “Top 10 Photography Tips”articles out there on the internet and most of them say the same things. This article should certainly be in the top ten of “Top 10 Photography Tips” articles. It’s a little strange having top ten lists of top ten lists isn’t it? Anyway, a good article with some […]

Black and White Photography - Fern

Black And White Photography: Three Tips For Beginners.

Black and white photography has come and gone over the past few decades but with the advent of digital photography and Photoshop anyone can now dabble with this wonderfully artistic art form. No more smelly darkrooms in the bathroom and nasty chemicals to dispose of. If you are going to read one short introduction to […]

Hints And Tips For Creating Mouthwatering Food Photography

Food photography is a huge undertaking that is never valued and respected to the level that it truly deserves. Photographing food and products with the highest level of quality requires several knowledgeable people working together. An expert food stylist and chef work together with the food photographer to create a work of art made specifically […]

Three Tips for Achieving Stunning Commercial Product Photography

When it comes to commercial product photography, people often ask, "Why do professional photographs look better than non-professional?" The answer is complex and the process requires a great deal of skill and practical experience, but it is a skill that can be learned. If you’ve got products to photograph, investing the time and resources into […]

Ferns, Carmanah Valley, British Columbia

Rainforest Photography: Five Tips For Great Rainforest Photos.

Rainforest photography, like all good nature photography, is more about your sensitivity to nature than about expensive equipment. Of course you need a decent camera, and you must know how to use it. But the quality of your photos does not depend on the price tag on your camera. As long as you have a […]

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