How to solve sleeping problems by using an adjustable bed

So many people seem to be sleeping so little that in 2011,the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention ( CDC) deemed the nation’s appalling sleep situation to be a public health problem: according to the latest CDC report,some 80 million adults in America do not get enough sleep. The National Institutes of Health ( NIH) reports that 70 million adults have trouble sleeping. Sleep disruptions came in second place in the 2015 survey of top health problems.Most of these sleeping problems are related bad posture during sleep. Most of the sleep problems can be corrected by using an adjustable bed.

“They weren’t in the top five,” says Timothy Morgenthaler,a pulmonologist at the Mayo Clinic and former president of the American Academy of Sleep Medicine. “Is there a sleep crisis? Yeah,what’s a ‘crisis?’ These issues have certainly risen significantly in recent years.”Experts also descriDynasty Mattress split-king adjustable Saatva Lineal queen adjustable bed frame frame a variety of causes,including rising obesity and an unprecedented number of adults taking drugs such as antidepressants. But for many,having less sleep is something they want to do: watch TV,spend time on Facebook,or spend time in front of computer screens until late at night.

According to Nielsen reports,the average adult spends more than 11 hours a day on these tasks. All these smartphones,tablets and televisions are conspiring together to deprive us of sleep through the high-intensity light they relay and confuse our circadian rhythm,which has developed into a normal daylight cycle. Visit to learn more about this.

We are all exposed to the practice of the workplace known as the “sleep rebuke”-when perfectionist workers brag about how late they stay at work and how early they get up. This is really nothing new: Thomas Edison,a champion of low sleep,said that he required no more than four hours of sleep and requested the same of his employees. He is a formative figure in what Penn State professor of occupational history Alan Derickson called “the religion of male insomnia” in his book Dangerous Sleepy. (A copy of the time: Charles Lindbergh,who claimed to have remained awake for 63 hours on his transatlantic flight) “We still hear people talk about ‘lack of sleep’ as if it were a calamity. It’s easier to call it a waste of time,” Edison said.

“There’s just no excuse why men should lie down to sleep.”On the other side of this nightly cultural war,sleep proponents such as Huffington Post founder Arianna Huffington,whose book The Sleep Revolution is one of many recent self-help books that aim to restore sanity to the night. “We’re a culture against the clock,” says Matt Berical,senior editor at Van Winkle’s,an online publication devoted to sleep.

“The next big thing we’re going to have to solve is:

How are we going to get some rest?

Sleep injustice is going to be a big issue in the future. Some programs will only be accessible to those people who can pay for them.” By a simple change like changing your Dynasty Mattress twin XL adjustable bed and pillow can improve your sleep.

  • The sleep gap is just one of the many chronic inequalities that haunt us at night.
  • The wealthy sleep better than the less fortunate
  • The white sleep better than the African Americans.
  • Women sleep more than men,even though men are more pleased with their sleep.

Age itself is a factor,according to Diane Lauderdale,an epidemiologist at the University of Chicago,who studies sleep patterns in different populations. “Young adults sleep better and sleep longer. If you plan to sleep the same way you did when you were 26,you would be disappointed.”

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