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Our online Nature and Travel Photography Magazine is powered by WordPress like so many other great web sites. WordPress has become an amazing publishing platform for both business and personal web sites but many are a little intimidated by both the installation and the marketing aspects. This article is the first of a series that we are putting together to touch on some of the subjects dealing with WordPress installation, themes, plugins, SEO and more.

Building a WordPress blog can seem daunting when you contemplate doing it off the official WordPress web site where you simply point and click your way through the selections until it’s published.

You will find technical installation steps to intimidate you, aesthetic issues to take into account, SEO (search engine optimization) strategies to tackle and article writing to intimidate you right out of having the blog you’ve always desired.

Once you get past your fears and find an excellent set of tutorials, you’ll possess the confidence it requires to create a WordPress blog with ease. Initially when you do it, go slow and make sure you carry out all of the steps.

As you become familiar with the blog navigation on the dashboard, you’ll be tweaking it to your own personal preferences without hesitation. Before you decide to install WordPress on your domain, consider why you’re choosing a blog format over that of a static HTML site.

Some people theorize that Google has a strong interest in bloggers because of the social elements they provide coupled with regular updates. Others simply say a blog is a lot more optimized for search engine spiders, whereas a static site sometimes gets dated and stagnant.

Creating a WordPress blog is a superb business move for enterprisers whose business is online (or even an offline entity that requires an online web presence). Virtually any business structure can be supported by making use of a WordPress blog, including affiliate marketing, product sales, tangible promotions, services, and more!

When you go through this process, you’ll need to take it in stages, breaking it down into specific steps along the way. For instance, you’ll be registering a domain name, choosing hosting, installing WordPress, and then modifying the website to suit your business or personal needs.

As you work more with WordPress, you’ll find that sometimes you have some difficult choices to make. The beauty of web sites is you have the ability to rapidly switch elements around, tweaking them for your personal preferences or so that the blog performs far better in the search engines for you.

By setting up a WordPress blog, you’re setting up a home for your brand on the Internet. Don’t feel that the entire WordPress installation has to be done in a day. You can make a blog go live as you personalize it and enable your visitors to see the changes along the way.

Don’t expect a sudden flood of traffic the day your website goes live. Even though Google may spider it quickly, your articles and SEO strategies are what will pull in a target audience who’s prepared to pay attention to what you have to say.

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