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The Nature Of Great Nature Photos – 5 Tips To Improve Your Outdoor Photography

“We cannot command nature except by obeying her.” Francis Bacon Whether you’re taking a picture of a geranium in your backyard garden or a grizzly bear in the Rocky Mountains, capturing a great photo outdoors means working with Mother Nature, and not trying to impose your photographic will upon her. So many factors come into […]

Guide To Nature Photography With Birds

Photography is a type of art. With the skillful use of the artist’s hands, photography can bring out the subject’s "personality" and create almost magical moments which might not ordinarily be achieved through other means of self-expression. However, this magic can only be accomplished by those with technical skills, good taste, and a deep sense […]

Nature Landscape Photography For Beginners

It does not matter if you want to start with nature landscape photography as a hobby or as profession, there are beginners tips for everyone. If you want to learn the skills and the different techniques you need for nature landscape photography you can read about it online, buy a book about the subject, follow […]

Nature Photography: Art Or Technology?

Nature photography has been around since cameras were invented, but in the past 20 years it has achieved new-found credibility as an art form. Before that, it had been largely relegated to the tourist industry, where second-rate nature photography was mass marketed on postcards and calendars. You certainly would not expect to find nature photography […]

Nature Photography and Taking Beautiful Natural Photos

If you’ve ever gone to a bookstore and admired the breathtaking nature photos in a calendar or other publication, you may have been slightly jealous that these photographers had such wonderful natural scenes at their disposal to capture on film. As an amateur photographer, you may have longed to live closer to nature in order […]

Nature and Landscape Photography Tips – It’s All About Timing

You know how that famous saying goes: It’s all about timing. It goes for a lot of things in life, and in many cases in landscape photography, it’s true. While we won’t go too in depth into lighting in this article, that’s basically what photography is all about. Capturing the light reflected by objects that […]

Nature And Landscape Photography Tips – Foreground Vs. Background

Many people may wonder: What makes a good landscape photo? The answer to this question is not that simple. Personally I believe that simple photos are the best. Still, you don’t want them to be so simple that they’re boring. On the other hand, you don’t want so much going on that the audience has […]

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